Information Design

As an information designer, I actively research or refine data (text, images, charts, numbers, maps, graphs, sound) related to any kind of topic. Combining data journalism techniques and storytelling, I craft compelling visual stories for digital, printed, or interactive outputs.  Know more ↗

UX/UI Design

As an UX/UI designer, I help startups outlining the foundation of their digital products as well as guiding established companies or organizations to leverage their tools. I implement existing visual guidelines to design new products or build new design systems that run consistently across all platforms and devices.  Know more ↗

Data Visualization

As a Data Visualisation designer, my main task is to deliver information through visual models. Depending on the typology of data and audience, I can design bespoke interactive or static graphs, charts, maps, databases, and dashboards, respecting accessibility guidelines and best practices.  Know more ↗

Web Design

As a Web designer with a basic understanding of coding, I can design webpages with great attention to developers' needs. From single-page websites, to portfolio, product websites, databases or online archives, I strive for simplicity and clarity, with care for the visual layout.  Know more ↗

Graphic and Editorial design

As a Graphic designer, I develop artworks that run consistently across scales and mediums, from small stickers or pins to large billboard campaigns. My methodology is very linear: after an initial exploratory research, I share a few concept proposals with the client. The chosen solution is later refined and exported in multiple formats. All the parties involved are kept up to date with weekly catch-ups.  Know more ↗


Don’t be afraid to contact me for particular projects that do not fit in regular commercial categories. I am very open and excited to work with artists, museums, non-profit organizations, startups, and anyone I can help with my skills. Just send me an email, and we'll figure it out together!

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