Data visualization

Quoting Edward Tufte: “Data graphics visually display measured quantities by means of the combined use of points, lines, a coordinate system, numbers, symbols, words, shading, and color.” Data visualization is about representing graphically a set of data, which can be text, number, media, sound, etc. However, as Johana Drucker suggests, data (from Latin datum, given) are capta, entities that are taken. When creating a dataset to visualize, someone decides what kind of query pose to collect specific information: this means that data are never neutral.

The The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Edward Tufte, 2001 ↗
The Graphesis, Johana Drucker, 2014 ↗

As a Data Visualisation designer, my main task is to deliver information through visual models. Depending on the typology of data and audience, I can design bespoke interactive or static graphs, charts, maps, databases, and dashboards, respecting accessibility guidelines and best practices.


• Research
• Data cleansing and analysis
• Mapping
• Prototypes
• Printed and digital reports
• Scrollytelling
• Tailored courses

geo design exhibition identity brochure

GEO–DESIGN: Budget Arlines
GEO–DESIGN is an exhibition platform that explores the social, economic, territorial, and geopolitical forces shaping design today. The focus of this fifth chapter was on business of low-cost airlines, specifically Ryanair. The exhibition identity shows the scale of the air carrier by creating a visualization of Ryanair’s network.

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afghanistan 2001-2021, website, dataviz, war, victims, treemap chart

Afghanistan20 / Accurat studio
Afghanistan20 is an online project developed for the Italian NGO EMERGENCY: it reflects on the 20 (and counting) years of war in Afghanistan from the perspective of its victims and those doctors and volunteers who help them. The detailed report is enriched by intense photographs and interactive data visualizations.

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dandelion video: preparatory image

The data visualization video pictures 226 keywords expressed by Generali A&WM People who have answered to the question 'What does Digital represent to you?'. Like a dandelion flower, each keyword is transformed into a seed free to spread new ideas and paradigms.

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Ex-Names aims to make more visible a common practice among vessel owners: the change of name and register. Here are presented 10 vessels that changed identity very often in recent years: their past identities are reconstructed by creating a flag of flags.

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