Graphic and editorial design

Nowadays, the discipline of design is branched into several sub-fields to better match job requirements. Graphic design is still taught as an umbrella category to define designers who mainly develop two-dimensional projects. The basic skill set of a graphic designer includes a good knowledge of visual composition, typography, page layout, communication, accessibility guidelines, brand identity, print techniques, and dexterity with several programs.

As a Graphic designer, I can develop artworks that run consistently across scales and mediums, from small stickers or pins to large billboard campaigns. My methodology is very linear: I first conduct an exploratory research of the subject to tackle, then I share my findings and concept proposals wiht the client. When a direction is agreeded, it's time to develop the project with weekly catch-ups so that everybody is on the same page at every step of the process.


• Moodboards
• Brand identity
• Collaterals (flyer, posters, gadgets)
• Booklets and fanzines
• Digital and printed reports
• Book design
• Icon design
• Abstract/Product illustrations
• Social media content
• Infographics

• Motion graphics
• Videomaking, book design, address book address book
Book designed for the exhibition “ITALY: A New Collective Landscape” at ADI Design Museum in Milan. The website was printed out in the form of an address book, as the source reference for the projetct.

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product illustration for Userclouds

Product illustrations
Userclouds is a privacy-aware data infrastructure application that helps large-scale businesses to protect customers and company data. I realised a series of bespoke illustrations to explain mechanisms and processes supporting the service.

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"REC:In:China" is a gamebook about the Chinese mass surveillance system. The story is set in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and it focuses on the discrimination policy against the Uighurs (the Chinese Muslim minority), resident in the North-West of the country. Using comic book techniques and appearance, the book aims to show the different realities of people living in China.

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The Weapons' Reputation - Thesis book
The research questions the integrity of the arms trade as a legal transfer of weapons among countries. As a case study, the Yemeni crisis is narrated through the perspective of three arms used in the conflict: by tracing their route, from the countries of origin to the end-users, it is possible to outline the dynamics of warfare, and which nations have a political and economic interest to feed it.

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ocean confessional installation identity

Ocean confessional
Identity for a public installation where passersby are invited to reconsider their relationship with the ocean. With the ocean acting as confessor, participants can express and seek forgiveness of past and present environmental transgressions.

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japan. snow, fanzine, zine, print, lettering

"Al di là della neve / beyond the snow" is the travel diary of twelve days spent crossing Japan in the winter of 2016. It is the story of a journey made of flights, trains, vans and skis, from North to South, across regions whose names have been long lost in the mind of the photographer Luca.

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