Web design

Websites can be designed pretty similarly to books: a white page that can be organized following cultural and technical rules, filled with textual or visual content structured with a navigation system. Yes, you could argue that the physical and digital realms have different possibilities and limitations but, in my opinion, with a correct methodology it is easy to experiment across both mediums.

As a Web designer with a basic understanding of coding, I can design webpages with great attention to developers' needs. From single-page websites, to portfolio, product websites, databases or online archives, I strive for simplicity and clarity, with care for the visual layout.


• Information architecture
• Wireframing
• Identity
• UI/UX design
• Prototypes

moving in stasis exhibition design academy eindhoven

Moving in Stasis

Moving in Stasis is an exhibition of its own making. Constructed as an evolving set-piece and culminating in a digital public programme, participants occupied a hybrid structure over five weeks, formed in three acts: Installation, Production, and Public Programme. The website reflected these constant changing.

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identity, logo, and bespoke illustration for an eyedoctor in Naples

Oculista Francesco Matarazzo

Identity, webdesign, and bespoke illustrations for an eyedoctor based in Naples.

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archive, homepage, ische, education, pandemics, covid-19

ISCHE Archive of Education and Pandemics
(Calibro studio)

The online archive showcases various items related to education and health crises. A platform for historians and researchers to collect and catalogue physical and digital artefacts.

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