Information Design

The term 'information design' emerged as a multidisciplinary area of study in the 1970s. There had been a NATO-sponsored conference at Het Vennebos in The Netherlands, and its proceedings were published by John Wiley under the title ‘Information Design’ in 1979. Quoting the definition of the Information Design Association: "...the discipline applies processes of design to the communication of information (its content and language as well as its form). It was intended to be a counterpoint to the corporate identity and glitzy graphics that seemed to take over graphic design in the 80s." ↗

Today, the field of Information Design is often connected with data visualization, information architecture, and visual journalism, as the main focus of these disciplines is on displaying information effectively. As an Information designer, I can actively research or refine data related to any kind of topic: I often design not only a bespoke container but also the content. Combining data journalism techniques and storytelling, I craft compelling visual stories with the most appropriate medium. I can support researchers, journalists, scientists, etc. in extracting and organizing data (text, images, charts, numbers, maps, graphs, sound) for digital, printed, or interactive outputs.


• Research
• Data analysis and visualisation
• Editing
• Information architecture
• Flowchart, Sitemap, Wireframes
• Content strategy
• Storytelling
• Digital humanities
• Database, archiving practices
• Design (print, video, digital, etc.)

beeswarm chart showing data about the artificial satellites launched in space from 1957 to 2022

Satellite Charts

“Satellites Charts” examines current and past artificial satellites orbiting around Earth, pointing out how our terrestrial life became so dependent on what we sent out in space. More than eight thousand satellites are marked on a beeswarm plot: the chart acts as point of departure to explore space stories and environmental issues.

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the weapons reputation sanaa yemen war

The Weapons' Reputation

The Weapons’ Reputation questions the integrity of the arms trade as a legal transfer of weapons among countries. In the form of a short documentary, the project investigates the Yemeni civil conflict from the type of weaponry employed in the conflict.

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The Terminal

The Terminal is a video-installation that analyses the expansion of budget airlines from the ground. This terminal-inspired installation depicts the evolution of Ryanair’s 35 years of activity, with timetables showing its network of destinations and air bases.

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