UX/UI Design

The User Interface/User Experience Design is two different processes that guide users’ interaction with a product. The UX design focuses on the customer journey: what are her needs? How to smooth or improve her experience within a system? On the other hand, the UI design builds a visual interface that clearly communicates which options are available. Acknowledged since the early 90s thanks to Donald Norman, a cognitive scientist hired as a User Experience Architect at Apple, the principles of the discipline have been put into practice long before. Ergonomics, efficiency, employment management, optimal working environment, and analysis of audiences: these are all areas of study then funneled into UX/UI design.

The Design of Everyday Things, Donald Norman, 1988 ↗

As UX/UI designer, I help startups outlining the foundation of their digital products as well as guiding established companies or organizations to leverage their tools. I primarily work as a UI designer: I implement existing visual guidelines to design new products or build new design systems that run consistently across all platforms and devices.


• Design research
• Competitor analysis
• User personas
• Information architecture
• Flowchart, Wireframes
• Visual identity
• Accessibility guidelines
• Web design
• App design
• Interactive prototypes
• Dashboard and data visualisation

&arise banking app, ux/ui design, figma, wireframe


&Arise is a banking-funded community platform advising migrant entrepreneurs. The goal is to support migrants, or people who just moved to Germany, growing their business ideas by creating a local network of coaches and mentees. The web app offers three main services: banking, coaching and communication exchange among the registered users.

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UK interactive startup map

UK Startup Explorer

The UK Startup Explorer is an interactive map featuring data about UK startups and communities. The platform helps entrepreneurs to find startup hubs or to relocate their businesses. Furthermore, it supports investors who want to learn about the top cities for investment or which areas of expertise will potentially grow over the next decade.

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torinodesign.info homepage


Torinodesign.info is an online directory listing freelancers, studios, and junior designers working in Turin and Piedmont, listed accordingly to their professional category and services offered. Designed to promote local design experts, it helps recent graduates seeking for job, discovering new practices and connect with potential clients.

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