Amaro Zeroundici is the tonic liquor of Torino.
For celebrating the 10th birthday, it has been decided to launch a special contest in collaboration with Paratissima: realising a poster dedicated to the liquor, with one of the 10 references to some events happened in Torino during the last decade (for example the Olympic Winter Games in the 2006, when the city was designated as European Youth Capital in the 2010, the 30th edition of Torino Film Festival at the end of 2012, and many more). My poster won the 1st prize ex-aequo with the work of Alessandro Scarfiello.





The bitter is strictly tied to this city, starting by its name (011 is the area code of Torino), the baroque shape of the bottle and the selection of herbs for its preparation. I have decided to focus on the 150th anniversary of the Italian Republic, the 2011, showing the architectural heritage of the first capital of Italy.


The baroque facade on the poster is inspired by the arcade of Piazza San Carlo (I have also hidden some references to the brand: look carefully!); the arcade are a very typical architecture of Torino and they are perfect for walking during rainy days. The inside is illuminated by the streetlamps and it has the same amber color of the tonic liquor in backlight.


As personal homage to the city and the bitter, I have declined the logo for the 150 years of unification with the flag of Torino and the colors of the Amaro Zeroundici brand. The naming is perfect for a play with words with the year of celebration.


That's all: now you should come to Torino and try Amaro Zeroundici with the right atmosphere of this charming city!

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