“There is geometry in the hum of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” - Pythagoras

SYNC is a long-distance project based on the relationship between sound and visual movements: both identities grow and balance each other at the same time, creating a unique and harmonious composition. It’s an audio-video research born and completed between Turin and Eindhoven, to experiment with audio and image inputs exchanged from February to August 2019. Analog and digital techniques have merged together: the sound comes from an electric guitar, amplified by the synths and restricted by the samples and the syncopated rhythms; the visual follows and leads the sound, interpreting the inner soul of the tracks. Four SYNCs, four audio compositions, four different graphic environments: the numeration of the videos is based on the elements that appear.

Sound Design by John Bringwolves

Eindhoven - Torino, 2019

© Code & Design by Cinzia Bongino